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Rodent Control Cambridgeshire

Rats and mice attempt to gain entry to a building for warmth, shelter, protection, and food.  If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, pest control measures can be performed as part of an ongoing pest prevention service, ideal for businesses, or a one-off course of treatment may be all you need.  Either way call Greenthink for fast, effective solutions.

Our team of qualified pest control technicians can also provide or recommend a variety of effective rodent proofing solutions to deter rodents from returning. With pest control experts strategically located across the South East of England, including Beds, Herts & Bucks, Kent, London and Oxfordshire we can react fast to your pest problem. So, don’t hesitate to call Greenthink and feel free to ask for an unmarked van to visit you today.

Affordable rodent pest control

With a wealth of experience, and a team of professional, qualified pest control technicians, we can get rid of rodents quickly and carry out proofing to prevent them returning. We effectively deal with all kinds of rodents including:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Moles
  • Squirrels
Rats hiding in a roof cavity

Indications of a problem with Rats or Mice

Most Rats and Mice are active at night, listen for scratching, gnawing or clawing, perhaps in your walls, under floors or in the roof space.  Also keep a look out for droppings, this is the easiest and most visible way of determining you have a rodent infestation. It’s possible you will find carpets, wood or insulation chewed, this suggests a nest has been made, you may also notice holes that have been gnawed in walls or floors for entry points. If you suspect a rodent infestation, call Greenthink Pest control for a discreet, professional service.

Why have a Rodent control Service?

  • Rodents are a health hazard and can cause extensive damage to a building and contents, including damage to stock and wiring which can cause electrical fires. 
  • Both rats and mice can pass on a number of diseases and carry parasites like mites and fleas which cause secondary pest control infestations.  Rodent infestations in food related businesses can result in fines and affect food hygiene ratings.
  • In addition, staff may not wish to work in an infested building.

We use a range of methods to safely and effectively remove rats and mice. To stop them returning, we use a number of rodent proofing strategies.

rodents hiding in a roof cavity

Rodent Proofing

To prevent a problem with rodents we can carry out a number of proofing methods to properties including:

  • Blocking of holes with anti-rodent material which cannot be chewed
  • Installation of weep hole covers,
  • Fitting of air vent covers
  • Fitting of bristle strip
  • Use of Anti rodent weld mesh
  • Fitting drain covers
rat poison trap

Book rodent control

If you have a rodent infestation, we will evaluate the situation and be able to give you a reasonable price and a plan of action to get rid of your rats, mice or squirrels, quickly and effectively. Don’t delay, contact Greenthink Pest Control, to get your pests under control for a competitive price.

Moles (Talpa Europaea)

Moles are cylindrical in shape, with an average weight of 70-110g.  They have black velvety fur, which hides their very small eyes, and no external ears. Moles have very poor eyesight but can detect light/shade, their senses of touch and hearing are very well developed, their smell and sight being less important to them.  Moles are solitary, and feed on earthworms, insect larvae, slugs etc within an underground tunnel system, which has a range of 400sqm – 2000sqm. They live in this underground tunnel system almost continuously, with active periods of 4.5 hours. Moles have one breeding season a year lasting February to June, producing 1 litter.  After approximately 5 weeks they are mature enough to leave the nest.  Abundant throughout mainland Britain, they tend to avoid shallow or stony, waterlogged or very acid soil.  They are most prolific in grassland and deciduous woodland, and quite often found in parks, gardens, golf courses and cemeteries.

Signs of a Mole Infestation

The obvious sign are mole hills!!  This is where the moles have been digging tunnels close to the surface so producing a mound of soil above ground.  We don’t often get to see moles, but the damage they cause can be a serious problem.

Book Mole Control

These are a couple of ways in which we can eradicate moles

  1. Trapping – ideal for private gardens smaller areas close to buildings
  2. Gassing – for example large areas away from buildings. Phosphine releasing pellets Strict criteria applies!

So, call Greenthink for professional mole control at competitive prices on 0800 1303106.

mole hills

Squirrel Control

If you can hear rustling in your loft, find droppings or have damage to your electrical wiring and insulation, then squirrel control may be required. Greenthink Pest Control offers competitive prices for squirrel control throughout the Midlands, East Anglia and the South East. Our friendly, professional pest controllers use a variety of squirrel solutions including squirrel traps. We have qualified pest technicians covering Beds, Herts & Bucks, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk, London, Oxfordshire and Kent.  So, if you think you have a squirrel problem and need it dealt with fast, call us for affordable prices and a rapid response on 0800 1303106.

Squirrel Treatment and Prevention

Grey squirrels were brought in to the UK from America and Canada between 1876 and 1930. Squirrels like to build their nests (dreys) in lofts, a hollow of a tree or against the branches. They do prefer woodland but if the chance arises, they will be perfectly happy setting up home in your attic, which can result in gnawed electrical wires, torn up insulation and chewed woodwork and potentially contaminating water tanks with droppings and urine. Don’t mistake their cute and cuddly appearance, they can cause considerable destruction and distress to your home or business. You should cut back any branches or trees overhanging your building, as well as trimming any dense greenery that may potentially be enabling access to your roof. Effective squirrel control, proofing, for example blocking any gaps or ingress points, and removal will combat squirrel invasions and prevent them from returning. Please be aware, if a squirrel is caught it is against the law to release them, they must be disposed of in a humane way.


squirrel-chew-hole-in roof

If you think you have a squirrel infestation, please call Greenthink Pest Control. We will provide squirrel control and removal services at competitive prices across the South East, including Bedford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Oxford, Croydon and Crawley. Our squirrel control and removal services are available to any home or business, and we are happy to provide an unmarked van on request.

grey squirrels invading roof space

Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)

The grey squirrel is larger than the red squirrel, they must not be mistaken for each other as the red squirrel is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.  With male and females of the species being of similar size, the grey squirrel has a bushy tail, with a brownish face and silver-grey coat. Including tail, they are approximately 46cm-50cm in length and weighing up to 600g.

The female squirrel has 2 litters per year, with a gestation period of around 45 days.  She will produce between 1-7 kittens (baby squirrels) per litter, these will reach maturity between 10-12 months. The typical lifespan for an adult female is between 4-6 years, with the male lifespan being significantly shorter at 2-3 years.

Squirrels are expert foragers and love rooting around for foods or stealing it from bird tables or feeders.  They will adapt their diet to the environment they are in, but are particularly fond of bark, seeds, vegetables, roots, bulbs, fungi, grains and fruit, not to mention the occasional bird egg.

Found in woods, parks and gardens, in towns and the countryside, attracted by bird tables and feeders, they can be a pain for bird lovers.  Basically, anywhere there are trees.

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