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Suffering with a moth problem? It may be that you need help. Moths can cause extensive damage to your carpets, furniture and clothes, as well as dried food products. Greenthink Pest Control can provide effective treatments to control your moth infestation throughout the South East, Anglia, and the Midlands.

To receive professional advice and recommendations, or to book one of our local pest controllers to provide a fast, effective and discreet service call Greenthink Pest Control today.

Identifying moth problems?

Clothes moth or carpet moth feed on the protein found in the natural fibres of your carpet, clothes and fabrics.  It may be your carpet is slowly being eaten away, (it is worth checking under that heavy furniture to look for bald patches), or your favourite woollen jumper has acquired some new holes.  If you have noticed a few moths flying around your house, take a closer look in those dark corners of your home, it may be worse than you first thought! Greenthink Pest Control can provide moth control treatments at affordable prices throughout the South East, East Anglia and the Midlands.

moth eating carpet

Causes of a Moth Problem?

There are many different types of moth, the most common being clothes or carpet, which enter via windows or doors. These then lay eggs which produce larvae, the larvae then feed on the protein in your carpets, curtains and clothing, causing considerable damage.

How to treat moths?

Regular hoovering of all those dark corners and under heavy furniture should pick up eggs and larvae, and be sure to throw away the hoover bag after use. Using a carpet steamer will also help.  Give your clothes a good shake, and clean and hoover out your wardrobes and drawers, this can help prevent your clothes becoming infested.  Clean out your food cupboards or pantry, put all food in air tight containers.

You may well still need a professional treatment, but if you call Greenthink we will be happy to advise.

Moth Control and Treatment in the South East & Midlands

If you are struggling with your moth infestation, and feel it is out of control, then call Greenthink Pest Control for professional help, advice and treatment.  For all your moth control services, we have technicians covering the whole of the South East, East Anglia & the Midlands so if you need a fast, professional moth treatment in Bedford, Milton Keynes, Oxford, London or Kent, or anywhere in between, then call Greenthink now for a fast, discreet, effective and affordable service.

Moths buzzing around a light bulb

Species of Moth

Brown house Moth

Warehouse Moth

Latin Name - (Ephestia elutella)

The warehouse moth is greyish with long, speckled wings, it is 8-10mm in length and will appear in early Summer and occasionally late Autumn.

Many eggs are laid over 14 days, and whitish, caterpillar-like Larvae, with a brown head hatch up to another 14 days later, producing silken sheets on the surface of food they are laid on.

It takes normally between 2-4 months for them to develop fully, when pupae are formed in silken cocoons away from the food source in early Spring but occasionally in Autumn.

They prefer to eat cereal products, pasta, chocolate, spices, tobacco, nuts and tea, and so can be found in food storage and processing companies, and warehouses, they especially like areas with poor hygiene.

Warehouse Moth

Clothes Moth

Latin Name (Tineola bisselliella)

The clothes moth has fringed wings, fore-wings are usually straw coloured and it has long thread-like antennae. Wings are normally laid along body at rest. Between 4-7mm in length

Their life cycle is usually between 3-10 months. Eggs laid in clothes or carpet fibres hatch at temperatures above 10 degrees after between 1 and 5 weeks.  Larvae, from silken tunnels camouflaged with debris and fibres, are whitish in colour and appear at night to feed. They are fully developed between 2-7 months and pupae, concealed within fabric, develop between 2-8 weeks.

They prefer to eat animal fibres, for example fur, feathers and wool, and are therefore often found nesting in areas where their food is abundant.

Contact Greenthink

There are lots of different varieties of moth, if you are unable to identify your moth infestation feel free to send a picture or give us a ring here at Greenthink Pest Control where we will be happy to advise, recommend or book a technician in to attend your premises and treat your moths at a competitive price. 

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