Insect Control Cambridgeshire

If you have an insect infestation you probably want it to be resolved fast, effectively and at a reasonable price, but also safely and with minimal impact on the environment.  Greenthink Pest Control offers fast, safe and effective insect treatments and proofing services in East Anglia, London, the Midlands and the South East. There are very many insect species, but not all are pests and therefore if a treatment is not appropriate, we are happy to provide recommendations and advice.  We always offer a discreet service and are happy to provide unmarked vans on request, so call us today for a fast, effective response. 


Fly infestations can develop for a number of different reasons depending on the species involved, and can be hazardous to health as well as being unpleasant, and may be a symptom of an underlying problem. We are able to identify different species and provide fast effective treatments for all flying insects.

Flying insect prevention

We can also supply flyscreens for windows and doors and electric flykillers to prevent flying insects causing a nuisance.


Crawling insects

Crawling insects can be irritating, and in some cases a health hazard and very distressing.  Different treatments are necessary depending on the species involved and we strive to provide the most effective and safe treatment, with minimal disruption, whilst considering the impact on the environment.  We can provide long lasting treatments and recommendations on ways to prevent the problem returning.

Our treatments include

  • Bed bugs
  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Silverfish
  • Carpet beetles
  • Cockroaches
ants crawling on a house

Wasps and Hornets

If you have a hornet or wasps nest, we can provide a fast response with the option of removing the nest if you wish.  It is quick, safe and guaranteed not to come back, and all at a very competitive price.


Moths and Stored Product insects

Different types of these pests can cause damage in different ways, sometimes attacking textiles, and sometimes dried food depending on the species.  We can identify the correct treatment which has minimal impact on your environment.

brown moth

Why choose Greenthink?

We strive to solve pest problems in the fastest and most cost effective way, with minimal impact on the environment.   We are a family run business with over 200 years’ experience in resolving all types of problems, and stopping them coming back.                                     

We employ only qualified and highly experienced local technicians in East Anglia, London, the Midlands and the South East who are experienced in dealing with problems in all types of Businesses and Homes.  We are an approved supplier of Pest Control services and member of the British Pest Control Association. Our service is discreet, so call us now and feel free to ask for an unmarked van to visit you today.

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