Fly Control Cambridgeshire

Flies are unpleasant, unhygenic and carry diseases. We are able to identify and treat all the different fly infestations whether they be cluster flies, house flies, bluebottles, fruit flies or even the less common varieties.  We can also advise on flykillers and flyscreens to stop them coming back. Our services to suit all budgets are available to customers across East Anglia, London, the Midlands and the South East.

If you are suffering with flies call us now for a fast response and effective service.

How we can get rid of flies

We can provide effective fly control using a variety of methods depending on the species, plus advice on how to minimise fly problems.

We can also install effective fly prevention measures to eliminate flies including Flyscreens and Electric Flykillers.

flies crawling on a surface

Our range of Flykillers

We are able to recommend the appropriate flykiller depending on your needs, whether domestic or commercial, coverage required, fly species involved, and advise the best place to install it for maximum effectiveness. We are also able to offer regular maintenance to ensure your unit always works perfectly.

Made to Measure Flyscreens for Homes and Businesses across London, East Anglia, the Midlands and the South East

We have a range of bespoke flyscreens for windows and doors to suit all applications whether domestic or commercial, and all budgets.  They are made to measure to ensure they fit perfectly, and work perfectly.

fly-screens with flies crawling to get in

Window Flyscreens

Door Flyscreens

Free Flyscreen and Flykiller Surveys

To help you decide which type of product or treatment is appropriate for you, call us for free advice and recommendations on the best way to deal with a fly infestation, and should you wish for a permanent solution we are happy to visit you to recommend the most appropriate flykiller or flyscreen for your needs.

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