Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our pest control and pest removal services in Cambridgeshire. If your question has not been answered below please do not hesitate to contact our pest control experts on 0800 130 3106.


If you’re located around Cambridge and looking for effective pest control, be sure to come to us at Greenthink Pest Control. We use many researched and practiced methods in our pest control and removal services to ensure when we leave, your problems leave with us. With years of experience under our belts, we are a business you can trust.

Pest control is the management or extermination of unwanted ‘pests’ from a building or area. This is achieved in multiple ways such as removal, treatment or regular monitoring. Greenthink achieve this by using multiple methods to completely resolve the issue at hand as quickly as possible.

Depending on the reported issue, the safety of some pest control methods varies. This should be discussed in detail with the expert before any work is started in case there are areas you will need to avoid or things you will have to refrain from doing while the problem is being solved. Especially if you have young children or animals.

It is important to use pest control to act on possible or existing infestations as soon as you can as pests can carry disease and germs which are harmful to you. Also, if an issue is left it is likely to get worse over time and can grow to the point where it is uncontrollable. It makes for an unpleasant environment to be in and will affect your future of selling a space on if the correct pest control services are not used.

The chemicals used in some pest control can be harmful to humans and especially animals, otherwise they would not be very effective! We always advise customers of what to do if we are using any chemicals in our visits. It is always best to stay clear of the area, even if there is no harm, to ensure the issue does not spread.

Every procedure differs depending on the severity of the issue and type of pest being treated. You can read in more detail about the different methods we have to deal with all infestations or preventions but again, these may differ to your individual requirement. It is best to call one of our experts on 0800 130 3106 to get a clearer idea.

Fleas are often an unavoidable problem if you have cats or dogs as they can pick them up from the outside and bring them in. They can make home in your carpet or furnishings so it’s important to catch them as soon as you can! As well as treating your animals, you can get us to rid them from your home with our specialist pest control and removal techniques.

Wasps and Hornets make homes in gardens and on some occasions homes. These unwanted pest’s are often quick to become an issue, so our team give you two options to combating them. We either use an insecticide or remove the nest completely for a quicker solution.

All rodents are dealt with effectively and quickly to rid you of your infestation as quickly as possible, one of these is using bait boxes outside. If you are looking to prevent them from getting there in the first place, we have many suggestions on what you can do, like installing drain covers or using chew proof materials around your home.

We have several ways to bird proof areas which include installing a bird spike system on top of buildings or ledges where they set to graze. We also have the option of an invisible gel which acts as a barrier to prevent roosting. As well as making changes to your space, we clean the surrounding area to remove their scent and prevent them returning.