Bird Control

Bird Control Cambridgeshire

For effective and long-lasting bird proofing solutions for all feral birds including pigeons, starlings and seagulls, we have qualified staff who have been installing effective bird control measures for over 20 years.  We are experienced in the full range of pigeon control solutions for both domestic and commercial properties.

We can provide a variety of bird proofing measures which are non-toxic and humane, as well as very effective.  We can also proof difficult areas such as vertical sides of buildings, monuments, statues, signage and provide repairs to existing proofing measures if they have been damaged.

So, if you are having a problem with feral birds and would like a free quotation or just advice feel free to call us.

How we can control pigeons

  • Proofing works to windows and damaged roofs to prevent bird entry
  • Removal of droppings from outside of buildings and sanitisation to make areas safe from disease.
  • Bird Spike systems to prevent birds from landing on roofs, gutters, signs, chimneys, and solar panels
  • Bird netting to prevent entry to voids such as on roofs, ceiling areas and canopies
  • Trapping and shooting
  • Latest techniques including gel which provides an invisible barrier to pigeons roosting
  • Clearance of buildup of pigeon debris, droppings, nesting material and dead birds from abandoned buildings or the roofs of occupied buildings
bird proofing spikes
bird proofing gel
bird proofing spikes on building
bird droppings in building

Why is Bird Control Necessary?

Pigeons can cause damage to property and make a building or the outside area unsafe to walk around or live or work inside.  We are experienced in dealing with pigeon problems in all manner of buildings including shops, offices, warehouses and churches by using a variety of methods including displacement via proofing systems individually tailored to the building, and physical removal.  We can provide these services throughout East Anglia, London, the Midlands and the South East using our qualified technicians with many years’ experience in pigeon control.  So, call us today.

The Hazards of Pigeon Droppings

  • Pigeons sitting on roofs excrete droppings which are acidic and can cause ugly staining, over time corroding roof materials
  • Droppings can block gutters causing leaks of toxic water
  • Pigeon droppings corrode paintwork
  • Droppings on pavements, steps and walkways are a slip hazard if not removed
  • Droppings can also pass on a number of infections
  • Pigeons roosting in roof areas can cause a significant buildup of droppings making a building uninhabitable due to the spread of disease and corrosion of the floor.

Pigeon Nests can cause a fire

As they are made from flammable materials, pigeon nests in chimneys are particularly hazardous. As pigeons also like to roost in roofs where there are electrical wires which can be corroded by their droppings, they can pose a significant fire risk.

Nests in Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

Nests in ventilation systems like air conditioning units, pipes and chimneys can cause blockages affecting air quality.  This is particularly dangerous if the ventilation is for removing harmful gases like carbon monoxide, and as pigeons carry diseases these can spread throughout the ventilation system.

Carriers of Diseases

Feral birds carry parasites such as fleas and poultry mite as well as diseases.