Pest Control and Pest Removal Cambridgeshire

Do you require pest control? Whether you have a crawling insect or bed bug problem, require rodent or bird control or need help with specialist flying insect and wasp removal, Greenthink Pest Control can help. We are a family run business with over 200 years’ experience in resolving all types pest control and pest removal. We also have the necessary expertise to stop unwanted pests from coming back. Our experts offer affordable and reliable pest control services from our Cambridge based office. We also offer our pest removal services throughout East Anglia, London, The Midlands and the South East.

We are an approved supplier of pest control services a and member of the British Pest Control Association. Our service is discreet and our response is fast, so call us now and feel free to ask for an unmarked van to visit you today.

Rodent Control →

Rodent Control

Find out about expert Rodent control for rats, mice, squirrels and moles
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Insect Control →

Insect Control

Find out about expert control and prevention of Insects including flies, wasps, ants and moths
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Bird Control →

Bird Control

Find out about expert control and prevention of feral pigeons and gulls
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Rodent Control & Removal

Mouse Control

Potentially hazardous to health, we can resolve a mouse problem quickly and prevent them coming back.


Rat Control

Rat infestations can occur inside or outside and pose threats such as fire and to health and safety. We can resolve rat problems regardless of the type of premises.


Squirrel Control

Squirrels can cause significant building damage and therefore control can be necessary.  We have a range of options to suit all types of problems.


Mole Control

If you need to control moles, we can offer a discreet service operated by technicians qualified in the range of solutions available.


Bird Control & Proofing Solutions

Pigeon Control

Pigeon infestations can be unsightly and noisy at best, and at worst can pose a serious health hazard, and cause building damage. We offer proofing solutions for all types of properties including guaranteed systems to prevent birds landing, roosting and nesting, and are experts in installing sonic deterrent systems.


Bird Proofing

We are able to design a bird proofing solution to effectively resolve any feral bird control problem using a range of techniques including spikes, gel and netting.

Bird Proofing

Insect Control & Removal


We identify the source and resolve all types of fly problems with a variety of insecticide and insecticide free treatments, and supply flykillers and flyscreens suitable for all types of buildings.

Moths and Stored Product Insects

We are experienced in identifying the different moth species and will propose the most effective and affordable treatment.



Bed Bugs

Greenthink specialises in the treatment of bed bugs, and are able to offer a range of preventative measures against this most troublesome of pests.

Bed Bug

Crawling Insects

There are many different types of crawling insects, including bed bugs, fleas, ants and cockroaches. Each needs a different approach. We are able to recommend the right treatment and to offer practical advice on prevention.


Hornet and Wasp Control

If you have a hornet or wasps nest, we can provide a fast response with the option of removing the nest if you wish.  Treatments are quick, safe and guaranteed – all at a very competitive price.



We can offer expert advice on bees, and may treat under special circumstances. Where possible we will try to relocate a problem honey bee swarm to our local Bee Sanctuary.


Do you have a problem with insects, birds and rodent infestations and need pest control services?

Greenthink Pest Control is able to respond fast to all types of pest control and pest removal problems and offer affordable solutions with maximum effectiveness for all types of Feral Bird, Rodent and Insect problems. Our team operates throughout the Cambridge area, but we also cover East Anglia, London and the South East with unmarked vans so you can be sure of a discreet service, ask for one today.



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